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Maxon/Topaz3 Tru-Talk TK-14 FRS Transceiver


Maxon / Topaz3
$34.95 each
$66.00 Pair
  • 14 Channels - The maximum allowed by law. 
  • 38 CTCSS Private Talk Codes. 
  • Backlit LCD Screen - Easy to use in the dark.
  • Incoming Call/Ring Alert 
  • Flexible, fixed position antenna
  • Call button announces your call to other users.
  • Talk Confirmation Tone, Switchable On/Off
  • Charge Pads for optional Drop in Charger, "ACC-407"
    • Optional NiMH Battery Pack, ACC-214
  • Speaker /Mic Jack
    • Optional ACC-705 Earbud 
    • Optional ACC-725 Lapel Microphone
    • This is not compatible with any other system.
  • Auto Squelch with Monitor button.
  • Belt Clip included.
  • Battery Power level Indicator 
  • Battery Saver Circuitry 
  • Only 5.3oz with batteries installed
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • TruTalk 2-Way Radios web

The Cobra FA-BP and FA-CH can be used with the 
TruTalk TK-14. However the Belt Clip on the TK-14 
needs to be removed before the TK-14 will fit into the 
FA-CH drop in charger correctly. Not a big problem,
but something you should be aware of.


$28.00  "SPECIAL"When you purchase your TruTalk TK-14  from Bill's 2-Way take advantage of this special package price on Rechargeable Batteries and Charger.
"Offer only good at time of original purchase."
        Qty 8: Maha  "AAA" 650 mah NiMH rechargeable batteries.
              "Twice what a TK-14 FRS Unit Holds, Keep one set all charged and ready at all times"
        Qty 1: Maha MH-C124S slow charger. Will recharge the cells overnite.
       ***ADD $10.00 to substitute ONE MH-C204F charger for ONE MH-C124S charger.
        ***ADD $3.60 for Qty 1 optional 12 volt charging cord..

Cobra MicroTalk Battery/Charger Special value package. 
Available only with the purchase of 2 or more FRS Transceivers.
Must be purchased at the same time as the radios.
  • Qty 1: FA-CH Drop in charger....
  • Qty 2: FA-BPHigh Capacity Rechargable Battery Pack, NiMH 650 maH capacity.
$23.00 Cobra FABP High Capacity Rechargable Battery Pack, NiMH 650 maH capacity.
$23.00 Cobra FACH 2 Port Desktop Battery Charger, Charges One Radio and One Battery Pack. May be powered from a Wall Charger or a Car Cigar plug, both included with unit. The Cobra FACH charger may only be used to charge the Microtalk radios equiped with the FABP. It can not be used with any other rechargable cells.
$4.25 Cobra Replacement Belt Clip for all MicroTalk FRS Handhelds.



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