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Titan 10 Meter All Mode Handheld Transceiver



Titan RPSY-201 10 Meter All Mode Handheld Transceiver

This Unit is Discontinued. As far as we know there are no units available anywhere!


  • Complete 10 meter AM/FM/USB/LSB operation
  • 4 Watts AM/FM Carrier, and 6 ~ 8 watts PEP SSB.
  • Frequency coverage 28.000 to 29.699 MHz. 
  • Frequency resolution at 1k/10k/100k Steps. 
  • Very Compact, dimensions 2.5"W x 6.6"H x 1.5"D
  • Multi-function LCD display provides 
    • Channel Number
    • Frequency display readout
    • Battery Level indicator 
    • Receive Signal strength meter
    • RF Output Scale.
    • Mode of operation
  • Slide-off Battery System: can use either 9 "AA" alkaline or rechargeable "AA"  cells.
  • Battery life enhancement circuitry dramatically extends talk time between charges
  • Auto-frequency Scan function.
  • BNC antenna connector allows for easy antenna configuration changes.
  • Clarifier Control for fine tuning incoming SSB signals
  • Mic-Gain
  • RF Gain
  • Squelch control for eliminating background noise
  • Key lock function
  • Selectable High/Low power output
  • FM repeater offset 
  • 88.5 HZ tone generator for FM repeater access.
  • Wrist strap included.
  • Belt clip included.
  • Cigarette lighter Power/Charger plug included
  • AC wall charger included.
  • Industry standard Speaker Microphone configuration.