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Pryme SPM-500 Speaker Microphones and Accessories

SPM-500 Series  
Throat Microphone

The PRYME® Radio Products SPM-500 series throat microphone by PREMIER Communications is the answer to both clandestine communication needs, and a great solution for operating in high noise environments. Our SPM-500 rests comfortably against the user's throat, picking up audio directly from vocal cord vibrations. This provides outstanding background noise suppression, surprising clarity, and it means that the microphone can be easily concealed inside a shirt or jacket.

The microphone has a built-in, in-the-ear speaker and an in-line Push-To-Talk that can be clipped to the lapel or belt. The PTT may also be operated remotely as a "finger tip" PTT by running the included remote cord down the user's sleeve. 

Model #

Compatible With

SPM-500 Icom, Rexon, Standard, Yaesu, Cherokee
SPM-501 Kenwood
SPM-502 Vertex VX10, Cherokee FR-460