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Pryme SPM 200 Speaker Microphones and Accessories


SPM-200/200E Series Surveillance Microphone

PREMIER Communications offers a line of surveillance lapel microphones that are easily adaptable to a variety of uses. Our microphones secure to the user's collar, lapel, or belt with an adjustable metal clip that rotates 360° for maximum utility. The microphone's Push-To-Talk button is located in an easy to reach position on the microphone housing.

There are two different types of surveillance microphone available. The SPM-200 series feature an in-the-ear speaker while the SPM-200E series microphones have an earbud with a patented, built-in earloop for increased comfort and ease of use.  Both models are built to high standards, with tough plastic microphone housings and durable cords. 

Model # Compatible With
SPM-200 Icom, Rexon, Standard, Yaesu, 
SPM-201 Kenwood
SPM-202 Vertex VX10, 
Cherokee FR-460
SPM-200E Icom, Rexon, Standard, Yaesu, 
SPM-201E Kenwood
SPM-202E Vertex VX10, 
Cherokee FR-460