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Pryme Communication Microphones
SPM-100 Series Remote Microphone 

SPM-100 Series Remote Microphone

Pryme SPM-200 

SPM-200/200E Series Surveillance Microphone

Pryme SPM-400 

SPM-400/400DX Series Mini Boom Microphone

Pryme SPM-900 

SPM-900 Remote Microphone

Pryme spm800 

SPM-800 Helmet Microphone

Pryme EH-1 Earphone 

EH-1 Deluxe Earphone

Pryme spm1100 

SPM-1100A series Speaker Microphone

For your low profile or clandestine communications needs, the PRYME® Radio Products line of Audio Accessories by PREMIER Communications has the right microphone for the job.

We offer a full line of audio accessories for all major brands of portable radio, including full-sized remote speaker microphones, light duty boom mics, noise reducing throat microphones, and surveillance mics. Our headsets and earphones feature a patented, adjustable earhook design that
makes them the most secure and comfortable on the market today.

Our accessories are designed with maximum flexibility in mind. They can be easily adapted to a wide variety of uses and can be operated with ease while wearing safety equipment. Our boom and throat microphones can even be operated with a remote Push To Talk switch, making bicycle mobile operation easier and safer than ever before.

All PRYME® Radio Products microphones are made in configurations that are compatible with most major brands of portable radio including Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu/Vertex, Relm, Maxon, Ritron, Standard, Uniden land mobile, Uniden marine, and more!