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Para Dynamics Products

 Price  Description
 $99.95 PDC-256  6 Digit Frequency Display, always active, works with almost every radio.
 $59.50 PDC-356  6 Digit Coax connected feed through design, requires 12 Volt source. 3.5 to 250 MHz.
 $79.99 PDC-357  7 digit Deluxe frequency counter, LED display featuring automatic floating decimal point.
 Measures low frequencies or 0 to 35 MHz and High frequencies of 0 to 350 MHz.
 Input sensitivity of 50mV peak to peak. Has automatic switch to hold the display of the
 frequency previously measured. SO 239 (thru) inputs
 $22.95 PDC3HD   Three position Coax Switch, 1000 Watt rating. (Vert. Horiz. AUx.) Wall Mount
 $32.33 PDC5     Small Mobile mount type SWR, Power (1, 10, and 100 Watt scales), plus antenna Matcher.
 $14.33 PDC7     Small simple SWR Meter
 $25.32 PDC8     SWR - Power meter 50 Watt scale, 1.5 to 150 MHz. (SO-239 connectors)