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Titan RPSY-201 Modification


Channel Expansion
In the original version, the radio works only in the 10m amateur-band.  
Do the following to open it for 454 channels: 
Titan RPSY-201, Also Eagle Spitfire

Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only. All 10 meter and export CB radio mods, adjustments, tune-ups, channel/frequency expansions, modulation, power adjustments are related modifications are done at your own risk!

  • From Right toward Left, S1, S2, and S3 will have no Solder Bridges, S4 will have the solder bridge in place and should be left in place.
  • Remove only the RESISTOR located between S3 and S4 Solder Bridge pads.
  • Reset the processor by connecting the reset-pad to ground for a second.
  • After the modification you have to press [Func], [Call] (longer than 3sec.) to enable the full frequency range from 25.160 MHz bis 29.700 MHz (454 channels).  This will need to be done any time the radio is turned off, and back on again.
  • While in this expanded frequncy mode Press [Call] to change bands. You can change from frequency display, to channel display by pressing [Func] and then [Call]
  • The light can be enabled to stay on by pressing [Func], and then the light button. It will stay on until you turn the radio off or repeat the step to turn it off. 
  • Keybeep is also disabled by holding down the talk button and turning the radio on. 
  • Frequency endings can be changed from 2X.XX0 MHz up to 2X.XX9 MHz modes.