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Maha MH-C888 Drop-in Battery Charger and Conditioner


Maha MH-C888
Universal Drop-in Battery Charger & Conditioner 

  • Support both Ni-Cad & NiMH
  • Informative digital LCD display
  • Universal design to charge most of your two-way radio battery packs 
  • Special single cycle and deep 3-cycle conditioning mode. 
  • FLEX Negative Pulse 
  • PowerShare features allow hassle-free charger banking, up to 12 units. 
  • Built-in switching power supply, for home, work, and mobile use (when using a 12V vehicular power supply, only up to 12V battery packs will be supported). 
  • Latest microprocessor driven negative deltaV detection. 
Detailed Features
  • Rapid charge Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride battery packs ranging from 4.8V to 12V.
  • Digital LCD display with charging progress indication.
  • Detect and display any internal battery fault, short, reverse polarity, and diode protection.
  • Innovative universal design. Features two sets of patented contact pins that can be placed on pre-configured adapter interface plates. You can set the charger to charge nearly any battery pack by adding contact holes on the interface plate. Pre-configured adapter interface plates are available for different handheld.
  • Patent-pending PowerShare feature. Maha’s new innovative idea allows multiple chargers to be interconnected at user’s wish! Simplyplug-in   one charger to another. Yet no additional power supply is required. Multiple chargers can be connected to one single outlet. 
  • Pulse charge and condition your battery packs.  
  • Special built-in mode allows single cycle and three full charge / discharge conditioning cycles.
  • External charging connector for other special charging requirements.  

Optional Pre-Drilled Charger Cups. 

Optional Cup Model

Amateur Radio Tranceivers



Cup for: 

Yaesu FT-50R/10/40  
Kenwood TH-79/22/42  
Kenwood TH-25/77AT  
Icom IC-W32/Z1A/W31  
Icom IC-2SAT/3SAT/4SAT/24AT/W2A 
Standard C158/228/528/558  
ADI AT-201/401/600




Cup for: 

Yaesu FT-530/470/23R  
Kenwood TH-78/24/48  
Icom IC-02AT/2AT/H16/U16 
Radioshack HTX-202/404 

MHS-C803  Cup for Kenwood TH-G71A / D7 


MHS-C804  Cup for Icom IC-T8A / T81 


MHS-C805  Cup for Yaesu FT-51R / 11 / 41