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Dual Slot Drop In Charger for ICOM IC-4008A FRS Radios

 $13.99 Maha MH-BP-202 Battery packs 
Instructions for proper installation and charging


Thank you for purchasing the MH-C500I. This charger is designed to be a simple to use dual slot charger for the ICOM IC-4008A FRS handy talkies. In most cases the charger should take from 1 hour to 3 hours to charge depending on the capacity and age of your battery pack. Included with the charger is an AC wall adapter and the DC auto adapter for portable use, great for camping and long road trips.


  • Please read all instructions carefully and completely before using the charger.
  • If your battery pack no longer provides a reasonable operating time, although the charger indicated a full charge, you may have reached the end of your batteries life. It is recommended to replace your battery pack with a new pack.
  • Radios should not be left in the charger indefinitely or for long periods of time after charging completes. This charger continues with a trickle charge to maintain the highest possible battery voltage.
  • To reduce the risk of damage or injury, charge only NICD or NIMH type rechargeable batteries packs. Never attempt to charge Alkaline or Li-ion with this charger.


  • Never expose the charger or AC/DC adapter to rain, snow, or any high moisture environment to avoid electric shock and/or damage to the circuit.
  • Never place metal objects other than the radio intended for charging into the drop in slots. Shorting contacts can possibly cause damage to the charger.
  • Avoid charging in extreme temperatures. Recommended atmospheric temperatures for charging should be between (O'C and 40'C) or (32'F and 104-F)
  • To prevent this charger from malfunctioning, place charger away from strong EMF emitting devices such as TV's or microwave ovens.
  • Turn the radios power switch to the off position while in the charger.

Installation & Operation  

  • The charger must be plugged in to a power source. For use in doors where there is a standard I 10VAC socket, Plug in the wall adapter (Fig. 1). On the output side of the adapter is a wire with a round plug, plug this into the back of the charger (Fig. 2). Note: you should see all the lights on the display light up for a few second as power is applied to indicate the unit is working.

Figure 1



  • For portable use, use the auto adapter instead of the wall adapter (Fig. 3). Instead of plugging into a wall socket, plug the auto adapter into a 12v (Positive tip) cigarette lighter socket.
  • Once power is established to the charger it is ready to charge a your radio. Simply insert the radio into one of the drop in cups. The charger is supplied with two different charging circuits and can charge two different radios independently from each other.
  • When the radio is inserted you will notice the red light above "CHG" illuminates and begins to flash red. This indicates that the charger is in Rapid charge mode (Approximately 500mAh). Leave the radio in the charger till the Green light above "FULL" comes on indicating the battery is done charging.

Figure 3


Note 1: When the green light comes on the charger stops rapid charging and goes into a maintenance charge mode. It is not recommended to leave the radio in the charger for long periods of time. If a battery is left in the charger for many days it is possible to reduce the life of the battery pack due to over charging!

Note 2: Charging two radios at the same time is possible with this charger. The charger is designed to be used as a dual or single slot charger!