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Galaxy DX-55V 10 Meter Transceiver For Sale


Galaxy DX-55V Radio

Some of the Galaxy DX-55V 10 Meter Radio Features: 

  • Dynamic Microphone 
    Designed to fit easily in the hand, with dynamic circuitry
  • Illuminated RF/Signal Strength Meter
    Easy to read meter indicates power output and strength of incoming signal
  • Variable RF Output power
    Up to 8-Watts AM Carrier power
  • Mic Gain 
    Maximizes the talk power of the microphone
  • 5.0 kHz Clarifier for Receive and Transmit
  • Squelch 
    Eliminates background noise when no signal is present
  • Selectable NB/ANL
    Improves noise reduction
  • Roger Beep 
    (with "ON/OFF" switch)
  • Transmit Indicator 
    Meter Glows Red during Transmit
  • RF Gain 
    Optimize the incoming signal for maximum clarity
  • Channel Indicator 
    Large digital display for easy readability
  • Mode Selector AM/FM/PA
    Allows selection between the three operating modes
  • 5-Digit Frequency Counter
    With On/Off switch
  • + / - 10 kHz Switch
  • Variable Dimmer Control 
    for Meter Lamp, Frequency Display and Channel Readout