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CBC International Publications "PLL Data Book"


* * * * * NEW! Introducing The GALAXY SERVICE MANUAL! NEW! * * * * *

Finally, a real service manual for these popular radios! No more fuzzy photocopies of schematics that you can't read no matter how large. No more guessing about all the other essential technical information you must have, like voltage measurements, PLL and circuit theory, block diagrams,'scope photos, alignment procedures, and much more.

Similar to our Uniden Export Service Manual, this 28-page book was completely written and illustrated by Lou Franklin in his famous crystal-clear style. The schematics are brand new and redrawn, 11" x 17", with the active stages all plainly labelled, parts numbering converted to the much simpler American style (".047uF" rather than the European "473M" for capacitors, etc.).


CBC International Publications "PLL Data Book" CB Radio Manual For Sale Includes:

Some of the many known models include: Alan 87, Connex 3300, 3500, Dirland 3300, 3600, 3900,Eagle 2000, Excalibur base, Excalibur Samurai, Galaxy 2100, Galaxy II, Galaxy 11B, Galaxy 22B,Galaxy 2517, Galaxy DX33, DX44, DX55, DX66, DX73V, DX77, DX88, DX99, Galaxy Melaka, Galaxy Pluto, Galaxy Saturn, Galaxy Sirius, Mirage II, Mirage III, Mirage 44, Mirage 6600, Mirage 88, Mirage 9900, President Franklin, Super Galaxy, Superstar 3300, 3600, 3900, Tek 506, Texas Star. Very similar to the original Uniden PB010 chassis; i.e., the Cobra 148GTL-DX, President RICHARD, and Superstar 360FM.

This book even includes the next-generation EPT6900 chassis, which is currently in the DX-2517 model but will soon be used by Galaxy in all their future models!

Can also be used for comparing to and understanding the main board in these models: Galaxy 2527,Galaxy Saturn Turbo, Mirage 2950EX, Mirage 2970EX, Sommerkamp TS2000DX, RCI 2950,RCI2970, RCI2980, RCI2990. (The synthesizer is the only real difference in these.)

Here's a summary of all the useful information in our new Galaxy Service Manual:

Transceiver Specifications

Master Frequency, Channel, & VCO Chart

Theory of Operation

Where to Find Parts

Simplified PLL & Mixing Diagram

EPT3600 Alignment Locations

EPT6900 Alignment Locations

EPT3600 Parts Layout

EPT6900 Parts Layout

EPT3600 Voltage Measurements

EPT3600 Transceiver Functional Block Diagram

EPT6900 Voltage Measurements

EPT6900 Transceiver Functional Block Diagram

Active Filter Circuit Diagram

Understanding the CD4008 4-Bit Adder

CD4008 Truth Chart & PLL IC Pinouts

Semiconductor Pin Diagrams

RF Amplifier Oscilloscope Photos

Alignment Procedure Test Equipment Setups

General & PLL Alignment Procedure

Receiver Alignment Procedure

Transmitter Alignment Procedure

Stage Gain Measurements

NJM4558D Internal Pin Functions

EPT3600 Schematic Circuit Diagram

EPT6900 Schematic Circuit Diagram