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Cherokee ah27f
Cherokee AH-27F 
AM Handheld 40 channel CB transceiver
  • Provides readout of both the frequency and the channel. Select between either readout with the touch of one button!
  • One-Touch Emergency Channel Access: Instant access to both channel 9 and channel 19.
  • Battery Life Enhancement Circuitry (B.L.E.C.): Unique circuit design dramatically extends talk time on each battery pack.
  • Five Memory Locations: Store your five most frequently used channels for quick one touch access.
  • 15 Segment Signal Strength Meter: Provides detailed information on the strength of both incoming and transmitting signal.
  • Hi/Low Power Selection: Choose between full power output or low power for shorter range needs that saves battery consumption.
  • Dual Watch Channel Monitor: Allows for automatic monitoring between any two channels.
  • Key Lock: Provides the ability to lock all function buttons on the radio, preventing unauthorized use.
  • Slide-on Rechargeable Battery System: Easy to use, slide on design provides complete flexibility to a variety of battery and power options. Can use either standard "AA" alkaline or rechargeable "AA" nickel cadmium. (Batteries not-included.)
  • Flexible Antenna: Provides excellent performance with flexible, rubberized housing for maximum portability.
  • BNC type connection allows for quick disconnect.
  • 40 Channel Capability: Complete access to all CB channels.
  • Channel Scan: Scans any of the 40 channels with the touch of a button. Can also scan just the 5 memory channels
  • Squelch Control: Adjustable setting eliminates background noise when there is no signal present.
  • Wrist Strap and Belt Clip. Convenient features allow for portability of the radio.
  • Also included in this package is the DA-27 battery charger/eliminator and CO-100 cigar lighter cord.
Cherokee ma27
Optional Accessories Available:
  • Cigarette lighter power supply.
  • Charging system for standard battery pack.
  • Extended length antenna system.
  • Super Ni-cad battery pack and charger.
  • Waterproof external speaker/microphone.
  • Leatherette carrying case
  • MA-27 on the AH-27F turns the radio into an all in the microphone Mobile transceiver.