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Cherokee AH-100 AM/SSB 40 Channel Handheld For Sale


*Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only and are deemed illegal in many countries. All 10 meter and export CB radio mods, adjustments, tune-ups, channel/frequency expansions, modulation, power adjustments are related modifications are also done at the users risk and we assume no liability. 

Cherokee Model AH-100

Features Include:

  • Complete 40 Channel Portable CB Radio with AM/USB/LSB operation.
  • Only 6.5 inches tall. A true revolution in design!
  • Digital LCD "Information Center" provides complete operation information, including both channel and frequency readout.
  • Five preset memory locations.
  • Slide-Out battery Ni-Cad batteries pack included.
  • Battery life enhancement circuitry dramatically extends talk time between charges.
  • Included: Mobile-Com adapter for direct connection to an external antenna. Exclusively from Cherokee!!
  • Auto channel scan.
  • "Dual Watch" for monitoring two channels at the same time.
  • Clarifier control for fine tuning incoming SSB signals.
  • Mic-Gain and RF Gain for maximum signal processing.
  • Squelch control for eliminating background noise.
  • Key lock prevents unauthorized use.
  • One touch access to Emergency Channels 9 and 19.
  • Selectable High/Low power output.
  • Wrist strap and belt clip.
  • Plug-in jack for external speaker/microphone (not included).
  • 1 year limited warranty.

Cherokee AH-100 Portable CB Radio

Detailed Specifications



Channels: 40
Frequency Range: 26.965 to 27.405 MHz
Frequency Control: Phase Locked Loop (PLL) synthesizer
Frequency Stability: +\- 0.001%
Operating Temp: -5 F to +110 F
Power Source: DC 7.2V to 13.8V
Impedence: 50 Ohm
Dimensions: 7.5"H x 2.75"W x 1.5"D
Weight: 9 oz. (w/o batteries)
Antenna Connection: BNC


*Power Output:
AM @ 12.0V: 
SSB @ 12.0V: 
High: 4.0W Low: 1.0W 
High: 6.0 W - 7.0W W PEP 
Low: 2W PEP
Modulation: Amplitude Modulation
Current Drain: Less than 1200 mA
Frequency Tolerance: +/- 400 Hz max


AM @ 12.0V: 
SSB @ 12.0V:
1.0 V for 10 dB S/N 
0.8 V for 10 dB S/N
Image Rejection: Greater than 70 dB
Audio Output Power: 500 mw
Freq. Response: 300 - 3000hz
Standby Current: 50 mA w/o battery save mode

*Requires Ni-Cad "AA" batteries

Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.